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  1. Im pretty certain that you dont have resources to test & debug every single state your program can be in, and thus assuming you can know your program and test it fully can lead only to bugs that crash it. Thats just what I think.
  2. Dave, in your example you forget to increase the x-variable and also what happens if there for some reason ain't any null bytes? Eg. its unsafe without some limit for the x-variable.
  3. So the true price for upgrade is $69.9 including plugins and all C/C++ compiler. Could you please make that as a bundle with reduced price?
  4. Where are the upgrade options for the IDE and the plugins?
  5. I have 3.4 GHz P4-HT and WinXP pro, but I haven't noticed anything. My guess is, that there is some third party program/service which doesn't act nicely.
  6. Situation is that I have a PIC16F877 with a MAX233 (actually a Sipex chip) for transferring information between the PIC and PC. Normally it works quite well, but some times when I un-plug the serial cable without turning power off, PIC stops receiving data when I plug the cable back. What could cause this? Does anyone know? EDIT: It was a software bug. Hardware receiver buffer overflowed and never got cleared. Software buffer was rather small too.
  7. #include <system.h> void main(void) { trisb = 1b; } does not compile. Something to do with the binary number format. How should it be defined in the new compiler?
  8. I'm sorry. For some reason I looked your code like you would have commented the IF clause. Anyway, remove the extra ; at the end of your define and it should work.
  9. Why on earth do you think, that you can put ELSE without IF? It compiles just fine if you'll remove that and insert the one missing }
  10. Enough for it to work. There are large projects which eat more memory and then there are those small projects that just read some value, do some small calculation and then pass the value to next device. How much your own time do you want to sacriface for the later?
  11. 1. Where is the C++? 2. Still no floats? 3. How much the real cost for upgrade is after development versions?
  12. The site I found the link recommended also the Microsoft SDK. It should include the libraries required for graphics. But it doesn't include MFC, which seems to be a problem with the template.
  13. Dave, could you perhaps make a template thats compatible with the free Visual C++ compiler?
  14. What makes it so slow? Too bad we don't have a CF plugin for the SourceBoost. You could use the profiler to get exact information about the bottlenecks.
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