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  1. Hi, I'm trying to port my project using a pic16F877 device to a pic18F452 device. Everything compiles without any problems, except the places where inline assembly is used. Compiler used is BoostC 6.01 on a Windows XP machine. The following program does not compile: #include <system.h> void main( void ) { unsigned short test; ccpr1h=0x34; ccpr1l=0x56; MAKESHORT(test, ccpr1l, ccpr1h); } using a target device PIC18F452. I get ther error: test.c(9): error: error in built-in assembly Whem I check the PIC datasheet, I see that the MOVF instruction requires an addit
  2. This file is included in Windows 2000 SP1: check: http://support.microsoft.com/dllhelp/defau...=80025&start=75
  3. That, off course, is something I couldn't have known. A small reply saying "we're working on that" or even "we won't fix that one", puts me out of the dark. Then I know weither I have to put energy in writing my own math routines (which I did), or can wait for the bug to be fixed. Also, when I go through the trouble of filing a bug report, it's nice to get some feedback. I have some more bug reports ready, but was hesitant to post them because of the lack of response. I will post the later. Please, don't take these mails too negative. I really like the compiler and the work you've done a lo
  4. I'm glad to see a serious bug gets such a quick reaction.
  5. Division by 8 is apperantly implemented by a simple right shift by 3. Things go wrong when a signed variable, which is negative, is divided by 8. For example: short test; test=-1; test=test/8; lprintf("%d", test); The result is 8191. When shifting a signed value, make sure the highest bit value is preserved. This can easily be done this way: rlf valueH, W rrf valueH, F rrf valueL, F I'm using BoostC 6.01 compiling for a 16F877
  6. Hi, I bought the new BoostC 6.0 today together with the extra plugins. I did receive a confirmation mail with the license number for the extra plugins. However, when I try to register the pulgings, this fails with following log messages: dvm.dll: This key has expired (not registered) siggen.dll: This key has expired (not registered) stimuli.dll: This key has expired (not registered) stopwatch.dll: This key has expired (not registered) i2ceprom.dll: This key has expired (not registered) lcd.dll: This key has expired (not registered) I did download the latest plugins v6.0, but
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