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  1. even on windows and with iexplorer, no go from my location. I don't have any proxies or filters in the path... Can you please send it to my profile e-mail? I'll be very thankful! I want to try the 25j11 support... Send me you email address and I'll send it onto you. I would post it on the forum but it's too big. Regards Dave It seems to be a problem with the case of the URL. http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/..._21-11-2009.zip works here. Regards, Steve
  2. Pavel, Sorry, I realised the problem about 10 seconds after posting. I did know about the null but I seemed to have reverted to BASIC where an array of 10 would have 11 elements. Anyway, thanks for the fast reply. Steve
  3. Bug description: uitoa_dec() overwrites following variable space Steps to reproduce: #include <system.h> #include <stdlib.h> char buff[4]; unsigned int num = 1234; void main( void ) { uitoa_dec(buff, num, 4); while(1); } After calling uitoa_dec() num contains 1024 ($0400) Expected behaviour: The variable num should be untouched after uitoa_dec() has been called. Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Yes IDE version: V6.95 Compiler: BoostC Compiler version: V6.95 Target device: PIC16F628 OS: Win XP Pro SP3
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