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  1. Pragma data operates with code memory while unsigned char* works with data memory. In PIC architecture these 2 are completly different. Regards, Pavel How to point to code memory data? In other applicatione I've used the rom char array, but in this one there are more than 256 elements to manage. Thank's Robert
  2. Hi all. I've an application in wich I need to store Lcd carachter strings in different languages (done with pragma data). I've tryed to retrieve the strings with a pointer Tableaddres and tableoffest and send them to the lcd, but I dont understand what is wrong. Robert PIC16F946 #define ITALIAN 0x1AE5 // Italian start table #define ENGLISH 0x1BE4 // English start table . . #pragma DATA ITALIAN, "SET T1 ","SET T2 ","SET MIN ".......... // 8 lcd char string #pragma DATA ENGLISH, "SET T1 ","SET T2 ","SET MIN "......... . . unsigned char *Tab
  3. Hello, I'am trying to implement i2c master on a 16F946; from the datasheet this device seems to have hardware support, but I didn't found anything about SSPCON1 and SSPCON2 needed by i2c_driver.h. It's possible to implement i2c in hardware with this device ? Thanks
  4. The reason is what linker tells you: Error: Duplicate global var:eecon1 Error: Duplicate global var:eecon2 Error: Duplicate global var:vrcon You must have these variables declared in the headers you include several times using different locations. Regards, Pavel <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi, but I'have not declared these variables, and if I remove adc.h and write my own function instead of "adc_measure(char channel)" these eror disappear. Thanks Roberto
  5. Hello, I'm quite a newbie to PIC C programming and need help... I'm tryng to use adc.pic16.lib with a PIC16F917 and BoostC 6.31.The include section is: #include <system.h> #include < adc.h> adc.pic16.lib is added to the project, but the linker gives these errors: ---------------------------------- Building... BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.31 (for PIC16 architecture) ATSI_r03.c success BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.31 Error: Duplicate global var:eecon1 Error: Duplicate global var:eecon2 Error: Duplicate global var:vrcon Failure
  6. Hi, Including adc.h with PIC 16F917, in MPLAB 7.30 and BoostC 6.30 give the error: C:\Programmi\SourceBoost\include\adc.h(13): error: missing semicolon C:\Programmi\SourceBoost\include\adc.h(13): error: failure In adc.h is defined: volatile bit adc_go @ ADCON0 . GO; but in PIC1F917.h this is declared only as 'GO_DONE' or 'NOT_DONE' bit. Regards Roberto
  7. Hello, I'm new to C programming and I need some help about how to use library. I've tried to use standard library (.lib) for PIC 16 implemented on Boostc, but when opened from the editor I'have not found any code inside. How is possible to see functions implemented into a library? Thanks
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