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  1. Hi, I found formula & implemented in c but in that formula we do square root of 32 bit number? But BoostC Lib not support Square root. Is there any way to found square root of 32 bit number in c without Lib. ? Regards Tectona
  2. Thanks Picxie, To help me till now. Yes How ???? I use PIC16F72 controller for my application. Regards Tectona
  3. Hi, I want do find True RMS value (Root Mean Square) of Quasi Square or Square wave in BoostC. Can I do this calculation in BoostC? Regards Rahul Sanghavi
  4. Hi, Thanks, "Though I guess that you want the simple Vrms = Vpk/ SQRT(2)" This equation only true for True Sine wave but if waveform is not Sine wave like Triangle, Square or Cause Square, What we should do? How BoostC help to solve this problem? Regards Tectona
  5. Hi, Can we calculate RMS using BoostC Compiler? Regards Tectona
  6. Hi, I face some problem , my .c file build sucessfully but my .h file create problem for me. Because of my .h file following error come during build. Optimisation level:1 Warning: Overlapping user DATA at address:0x00005000 Warning: Overlapping user DATA at address:0x00005001 Warning: Overlapping user DATA at address:0x00005002 Warning: Overlapping user DATA at address:0x00005003 .... ... ... Warning: Overlapping user DATA at address:0x00004B31 Warning: Overlapping user DATA at address:0x00004B32 Warning unreferenced functions removed: ana_data in: E:\Project\TecSINEUPS500\
  7. Hi, I know 8 bit value(Byte) from Flash memory: " asm tblrd*+ ;" using inline asembly function. But i don't know how to read 16bit value (Word) from Flash memory. I use 18F series controller & BoostC 6.31 Compiler. Is it possible using BoostC? Regards Tectona
  8. Hi I send my complete Project file in zip format. Regards Tectona
  9. Hi, In my Project i use multiple .c & .h file. During build project on of .c file cannot build & compiler so below message. "BUILD FAILED: Mon Jan 23 17:01:45 2006" Except that .c file all other .c file build success. I send my .c file & .h file that cannot build. File name is Mac.c & Mac.h Regards Tectona
  10. Hi, My code sucessfully build in BoostC v 6.20 but same code cannot build in BoostC v 6.25 & v 6.30. I use MPLAB IDE v 7.30. I use PIC18F452 Controller. Regards Tectona
  11. Hi, Is BOOSTC support Linked Lists? Regards Tectona
  12. I agree Pavel & Dave i use several times in two files Tick.c & StackTsk.h but if u follow three condition & see result: 1) disable #pragma in Tick.c & Enable in StackTsk.h & build. 2) disable #pragma in StackTsk.h & Enable in Tick.c & build. 3) disable #pragma in StackTsk.h & Tick.c & build. Regards Tectona
  13. Hi, somebody can port some rtos like freertos (www.freertos.org) or picos18 (www.picos18.com) to use it with BoostC compiler? Regards Tectona
  14. Hi, No, Dave I cannot Use Mulitple use of #pragma. I just varify what happen if we use #pragma in .h file or #pragma in .C file or Cannot use #pragma. I have use #pragma enable in only one time either in .h or .c file. Regrads Tectona
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