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  1. Bug description: Timer2 does not get enabled when setting it up with the wizard Steps to reproduce: create a new project with the wizard -pick pic16f877 as target -select enable for timer2 -the generated code will contain //Set timer 2 mode (enable or disable) clear_bit( t2con, TMR2ON ); //enable timer 2 Expected behaviour: This should generate //Set timer 2 mode (enable or disable) set_bit( t2con, TMR2ON ); //enable timer 2 IDE version: 6.84 Compiler: BoostC Target device: PIC16f877 Peter van Hoof
  2. While atempting to translate some assemblercode for the 18f4539 to inline asm in boostc I stumbled on a problem. The smallest program to demonstrate this : #include <system.h> void asmtest (void) { asm { movff _portb,_portc } } void main() { asmtest(); while(1); } It compiles but I get a linker error. What am I doing wrong here? I hope someone can shed some light on this Peter van Hoof
  3. Hi all, I bought some 18lf4539 chips with motor control kernel and ran into the problem that I do not have a clue how to call the built in kernel. an additional problem with all of this is that I cannot find the exact addresses of these routines in mplab or the chip's datasheet. I hope someone can help me with this. Peter van Hoof (new to boostc and 18f's)
  4. I found the ezdownloader.exe file in my installation directory which looks like the windows part for a bootloader for a pic, I could not locate the part to burn in a pic Is there a bootloader available? Does anyone have good experience with other bootloaders? Regards Peter van Hoof
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