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  1. Can we please get a reply to this? I really need to be able to round floating point numbers. For example: If I do some calculations on data from a temperature sensor, I need the 6 digit precision but for the final result to be printed to the display it makes no sense to print all 6 decimal places. And I cannot just ignore the last 4-5 digits because it would not be accurate enough.
  2. Exactly! I agree with Assasinsareus about proper floating point support! It would be a huge inprovement and is a real show stopper for quite a lot of projects/products.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to round a floating point variable and would like to use fround() but it seems that it is not supported by BoostC. Currently the variable has 6 decimal places and I would like to get that down to two. Any plans on supporting this any time soon? I'm using BoostC through Flowcode.
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