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  1. Managed to make it work correctly by changing this in the BoostCPic18.h file. Might be other things lurking! #ifdef _PIC18F45K50 - #include <PIC18F24K50.h> + #include <PIC18F45K50.h> #endif // _PIC18F45K50 And this change in the PIC18F45K50.h file. volatile char ccp2con @CCP2CON; +volatile char trise @TRISE; +volatile char trisd @TRISD; volatile char trisc @TRISC; volatile char ctmuconl @CTMUCONL; +volatile char late @LATE; +volatile char latd @LATD; volatile char latc @LATC; volatile char porte @PORTE; +volatile char portd @PORTD; volatile char portc @PORTC; - indicates a line removed and + indicates a line added
  2. Also further bugs in the 45K50 header file relating to TRIS and LAT for ports d and e. Seem to be getting somewhere now
  3. Found there is a bug in the include for the 18F45K50 in the file BoostCPic18.h
  4. Hello, The 45K50 doesn't compile if you use code which uses portd or porte. Can this be fixed or is there a workaround? Edit... I posted a workaround fix here: http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?s=22864386b40230a436c7cd79297e7d6d&showtopic=5347
  5. Hello, When I compile the following I get errors relating to unknown registers on the 18F45K50 device. trise = 0x00; LKPSU_Firmware.c(2716:25): error: unknown identifier 'trise' LKPSU_Firmware.c(2716:25): error: invalid operand 'trise' commands to portd also generate errors but not as straightforward. the FC_CAL function is my abstraction function which works well on other devices. LKPSU_Firmware.c(6126:12): error: invalid operand 'FC_CAL_Port_In_DDR__x((&FCP_PORT_D), (&FCP_TRIS_D), ( 0x1), ( 0x0))' LKPSU_Firmware.c(6126:8): error: failed to generate expression LKPSU_Firmware.c(6163:43): error: invalid identifier Is there any way I can fix this? I have promised firmware to the Chinese for December the 25th and have it all done and ready to go except it won't currently compile on this device!
  6. As BoostC doesn't seem interested in a fully featured compiler there have been multiple floating point trig routines written inside the Flowcode software itself showing it is possible. http://www.matrixtsl.com/mmforums/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=14814 I agree floating point is overkill for most 8-bit applications but that doesn't seem to have stopped any of the other PIC compilers from fully implementing support. Its all about consistency and BoostC just isn't consistent, plus it's mega slow to compile compared to a free tool like GCC. Just written a program for a Stewart platform using AVR GCC. Loads and loads of floating point calculations to do inverse kinematics and it works like a charm. No way I would even attempt this in BoostC.
  7. Sure building your own function to do a specific job is easy enough if you have the time to mess about. Same as I could cut the grass on my lawn with a pair of scissors if I needed to. Thankfully there are other compilers available for PIC with lawnmowers build in as standard. e.g. floating point. What about ......
  8. Hello, I too would like to see the fround function as well as proper native floating point support in BoostC. Functions like sin, cos, tan, atan2 etc would also be nice. AVR/Arduino current wins out on all these fronts but would be great to have these functions available in BoostC too.
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