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  1. i can alredy done this but i don't think so this is proper solution. i want to find some proper solution. can you give me proper Idea about that. Thank you PAresh
  2. Hello friend here same error problem now face another way also. in my programme i can call one funcation routine number of time some at one place i can call this routine then i got same error like provious i got. i find conclution that in PIC16F914 there are two pages avilable. if funcaton defination and funcation call should be in different place then it give this type erro. are you agree with me? if yes then i want solution for that. reply me thank you Paresh
  3. hi friend i want to use global variable in different file. how i can use? using extern we can use but it got me some error so please reply me. paresh
  4. Hi All, The free c2c c-compiler for PIC microcontrollers has been ported under Linux. Have a look on: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Net...3656/index.html Pavel i got this link i open the link that is open Boost C home page what can i do?
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