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  1. I've downloaded the patch and ran the updates ok but I get an error when running the IDE executable: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version file "debugger.dll", error 126 I started of with version 6.11 and its not been updated, did I do something wrong? I've just started using Sourceboost by the way and am still finding new things and shortcuts to use! Kind regards Roger B
  2. Thanks, yes I stumbled across this site as well - http://www.lika.be/component/option,com_do...d,17/Itemid,34/ just before I read your replies. I've downloaded the libraries to try but the site mentions bit banging an interface onto any pin, I need to look carefully at this! Thanks again RogerB
  3. Hi All, I hope someone can help as this forum seems quite good for responses. I'm evaluating Sourceboost 'c' compiler for some work on a Dallas Microlan 1-Wire project and whereas most other compilers (ccs, MikroElectronica 'c', WIZ-C etc) seem to offer support in libraries etc for 1-Wire read/write's I can find little reference to how this can be accomplished in Sourceboost - is it built in? It would be nice to use this compiler as the more I check its features the more I find to like! Am I hoping in vain as the project may well finish up too large to contemplate doing in assembler? T
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