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  1. I had a very similar problem and the only fix was to turn off optimisation. I found that a variable in a completely different bank was being updated (using ICD2, same offset but different bank). I could change which variable was incorrectly updated by adding or removing unused variables. I hope I am wrong so I can turn optimisation back on but until then .....
  2. I have a similar app using ICD2, MPLAB & SourceBoost. I found that a value in the correct position but the wrong RAM bank was being updated. I switched off optimisation and the problem went away. I tried this idea as I read of a similar problem in another thread (can't find it now)
  3. I gave up and used an 18F8722 with two UARTs. Life became very simple after that.
  4. The problem went away when I installed 6.70. I changed nothing else on my system.
  5. OK, I have invested a lot of time on this now. I rebuilt a Windows 2000 box, updated to SP4 - SAME PROBLEM!!!!! Interestingly I then created a local user in addition to administrator and it works OK when logged in as that user. It looks like I now have a (painful) way to move forward with this.
  6. Why do you think my environment behaves differently for boostc.pic18.exe and boostc.pic16.exe?
  7. Yes, it crashes on both W2K systems. You may be interested to know that boostlink.pic.exe is OK too. boostc.pic18.exe also crashes in safe mode. I downloaded from the zip and exe and I tried several times. File boostc.pic18.exe mailed as requested.
  8. I did, it crashed! boostc.pic18.exe 1.50 MB (1,581,056 bytes) I have now copied boostc.pic18.exe from 6.55 and it works OK with the 6.60 package. Can you see any problems with this approach?
  9. I have been using the following versions, all of which upgraded without problem: 6.55, 6.50, 6.40, 6.35, 6.32, 6.31, 6.30, 6.25, 6.14, 6.11, 6.04 I usually install over the old version OK. This time I also tried removing using control panel then installing. Nothing helps. If it didn't work at all that would perhaps be simpler. But because PIC16 devices are OK I can only think it is boostc.pic18.exe causing the problem.
  10. One PC has Norton AntiVirus 2006. I switched it off, reinstalled SourceBoost and have the same problem. The other test PC has no antivirus. I really want to use all the fabulous string handling functions in 6.60. Can I just unzip the libs and headers and leave the exe's alone? Please don't make me give Microsoft any more of my money for an upgrade.
  11. I just tried installing 6.60 on another Windows 2000 machine. This time Preg failed to add the PIC18 license key. Similar "Access violation" message. Once again the PIC16 part of the operation was OK.
  12. The IDE continues to work OK. I do not have to restart SourceBoost. Full screenshot
  13. OS: W2K SP4 (OK on XP) App: SourceBoost IDE Version 6.60 (OK on 6.55) License: Full Target: PIC18F252/18F452/18F8722 (OK with 16F devices) Steps: Using any source file, select target 18Fxxxx and click Build or Compile. Almost immediate OS error message "Error: Access violation at <address>" Reproducible: Yes 100% Code snippet (any code at all) #include <system.h> void main(void) { porta = 0; }
  14. Hi, I got the same problem. It is caused by running ide.exe from a directory you have unzippped the patch to that is not the install directory. (try running ide.exe directly from WinZip and you will see it) Unzip the patch into to the install directory and it works just fine. Thanks for a fantastic dev environment - it has changed my life (but only a little bit )
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