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  1. I also found that removing the -icd2 linker option solves this problem. Thank you, Walter
  2. During the code development for a new project we encountered something really similar to a bug in long vars division. I was trying to remove some code from the project to reach a minimal form to be sent to the support email, but now I get the following error from the linker: What could be the reason of this internal error? Regards, Walter
  3. Dear Dave, we are experiencing an unexpected issue when running two SourceBoost instances on the same network. Obviously both copies are licenced and was bought through Farnell. We are now stuck due to this issue, could you please suggest a solution asap so we can run both instances? Regards, Walter
  4. Dave, is there a changelog for this release candidate? Regards, Walter
  5. This device doesn't have CONFIG1L Probably I need to sleep a little more in the night By the way I'll wait for the new release to shrink ram usage in my project. Regards, Walter
  6. Hi all. I found that in the pic18F4520.h header file the definition for CONFIG1L options are missing. If you are trying to set up the correct PLL divisor you must add it manually. Dave, please add this to the next release. Thank you, Walter P.S.: any idea about the next release date? I have a project that fits the whole RAM and I'm waiting for the fix of the large ram usage.
  7. If you only need the HEX file to program the chip why don't you simply compile this asm using MPLAB? This will not require the C source.... Regards, Wally
  8. OrmatEli, I think the only solution is to write it with two writes. Regards, Wally
  9. I've tryed it right now and I don't have any warning. Are you sure you don't have another variable decalration for the same variable name? Could you please add more info as Compiler version and target device? Regards, Wally
  10. Could this happen because of the comma after the last r1 element? Regards, Wally
  11. The last element of a 256 wide array is element number 255 since the array is zero based Regards, Wally
  12. Sincerely I prefer to choose the folder name where the new project files have to be placed. That's because project name and folder name is not always the same, and also sometimes it's usefull to store different projects in the same folder. Regards, Wally
  13. emte, may be this is the purpose of the plugins. Are you able to write one to add this buttons? Wally
  14. It will be usefull to have some programmable buttons to wich associate a command line. They could be situated in a bar like the one for "build" "compile" "link" "program". There could be a settings panel to decide how many buttons to show, text on them and the associated command line. This will allow not only to program the target board, but for exmple will allow to release/set chip reset from command line and so on, giving MPLAB like function speeding up the development. Wally
  15. What about alphabetically sort the filenames in the project tree? Just a stupid thing that will help me while searching a file to open. Could this be implemented in the next release? Regards, Wally
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