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  1. Good to know! One would assume that the device headers are correct but not necessarily so. Thanks for sharing the information. Murray
  2. As an update I wanted to let folks know that I have heard from Dave and received a registration code. It just took awhile. He says the product is definitely not dead, so that's good news. I was able to recreate the OP's problem, and Reynard is right - if the compiler and linker directory is not correctly specified under Settings/Options/Tools you will only get the terse "Building... Failed" message. I'm using a Windows 8.1 system and I found that SourceBoost works best if not installed in the Program Files directory (the default). I don't run across any file permissions issues when
  3. Another possibility - are you trying to use NovoRTS? I have also run across that error message while trying to use elements of that library. I have a PRO license and I have asked for the code to unlock the "goodies" file, unfortunately none of that functionality appears to work if the registration code has not been applied. I don't know if the people who look after SourceBoost have totally disappeared but I have not received any response to my request for the key that should have been provided to unlock NovoRTS as part of my PRO license. I also now see that it has been quite awhile since D
  4. Hello Gaston, If you're running on Windows 7 or 8 you might want to try running SourceBoost as administrator to see if the build is successful. The OS might be restricting the application's write access so it can't create the files. Worth a try - Murray
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