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  1. Better would be to add it to the icd2.h header, so that the appropriate linker flags etc get added as pragma's. This would then mean that compiling for the icd2 would just mean including that file, not doing several things in different places I have a 18f2550 that gets the same error, hopefully I'll get time tonight to research and see if I need to do the same thing for this one. Andy
  2. I've discovered that unless the source is any directory except the directory with the project in, it fails to compile. I normally place the source in a source directory to avoid clutter in the root project directory and it fails to compile with Boostc. However it will work using the MPASM plugin. BoostC seems to be looking in the project directory for the file and not the subdirectory. Either MPLAB is not correctly setting the working directory for plugins apart from it's own, or there's a flag that needs to be set to tell MPLAB to do this and it's not. I did dig around in all the configuratio
  3. It would be nice to have an option to have the IDE auto reload a file if it has been changed. Right now it asks for each file as it detects that the file has changed external to the IDE. I do minor edits and bug fixes int eh SourceBoost IDE, but I prefer to do major code editing in an extrenal editor, Slickedit, and it gets old have to keep clicking "OK", before I do a compile. A checkbox selection to auto-reload in edito options would be fine. thanks, Andy
  4. I was able to get the program to install under 0.9 Wine, the IDE runs, but the BoostC compiler crashes. Since I need PICS supported by BoostC and not by the Linux version of C2C, I'm now having to dual boot I am tempted to get VMWare setup though Andy
  5. Thanks. Do you know when the next release might be ? Andy
  6. Plenty of examples on the examples page http://www.picant.com/c2c/examples.html Andy
  7. OK, I found the problem. If the last entry has a trailing comma, then the error message is "error: failure" Unfortunately it gives the line number as the line that has the "typedef enum" statment, and not the last line in the enum declaration that has the extra comma. Incidently, this code compiles fine under gcc-asm, gcc, vc7, vc6 and openwatcom. If nothing else the error line number should be fixed, although I think in general that this is a bug in the parser. Andy
  8. Has anyone looked at porting the Microchip TCP/IP stack to BoostC ? I have a ENC28J60 Ethernet board from www.edtp.com that I want to get up and runnign at some point, and any hints or patches much appreciated. thanks, Andy
  9. The compiler is compaining about the first typedef enum statement: typedef enum tagBSP_EC { ECS_OK=0, //the following are also passed as messages ECS_FALSE, ECS_IMAGE_FREED, ECS_CLIENT_FOUND_SERVER, ECS_PMT_USER_LIST, ECS_PMT_OPEN_CONNECTION, ECS_PMT_CONNECTION_STATE, ECS_PMT_USER_LOGIN, ECF_FAILED=0x80, ECF_FAIL, ECF_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, ECF_INVALID_ARG, ECF_EXIT_PROGRAM, } BSP_EC; Whilst valid C, is this a current supported feature in V 6.15 ? thanks, Andy
  10. Bug description: When using the command line compiler, it won't find the include file if the drive letter is included in the include option Steps to reproduce: include a header file which is not in the current directory. On the command line specify an include search directory that doesn't include the drive letter, but is pathed from root. e.g boostc.pic18.exe -t PIC18f2455 -I \projects\include main.c this won't find an include file. However this line will boostc.pic18.exe -t PIC18f2455 -Ic:\projects\include main.c Expected behaviour: specifying a path from root witho
  11. Bug description: When the command line boostc.pic18.exe compiler is invoked from a location other than the location of the source file to compile, the resulting .obj file is placed in the location of the .c file and not in the (working)invoking directory. This is contrary to virtually all other compilers and makes out of source builds impossible Steps to reproduce: Do this from a directory containg a simple main.c file mkdir build cd build boostc.pic18.exe -t PIC18F2455 ..\main.c the resulting main.obj is placed in the parent directory and not inthe build directory Expecte
  12. I noticed if the toolsuite is set to c2c-plus, there is a ver extensive set of options in the Wizard. If I select the BoostC toolsuite, there is a very limited Wizard and chip type selection. Are there any plans to expand the support in the BoostC wizard to match the other wizard ? thanks, Andy
  13. I would only be interested in a command line version compiler. Andy
  14. I'm looking to do development with a 16f819 and 18f2550. My development evironment preferred is LInux, although I can dual boot into Windows. I've downloaded the demo version of c2c for Linux, and it doesn't list either of those Pics as supported. If I get/make appropriate header files will the compiler do the right thing, even though the compiler doesn't explicitly say that the processor is supported. If I purchase a license for c2c under Linux, can I also use that license on the same machine under Windows if it's dual booted, or does the different OS count as a differnt node. thank
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