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  1. Yeah! I would REALLY like to see your HowTo <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I also!!
  2. Hi there... I wrote the following code but this didn't work and the compiler (or better the pre-processor) exit with this system error "Access violation ad 0x004612BF (tried to write to 0x000000CE), program terminated". So, is function pointers supported by BoostC? is there a bugfix relase for this problem? here is the code: #include <system.h> void function1(void){ //1ST PHASE } void function2(void){ //2ND PHASE } void function3(void){ //3RD PHASE } void main (void){ void (*func)(void); //Function pointer unsigned char a = 0; while(1){ switch(a){
  3. It works but it was better if the icd2.h includes this features! Arrigo You are correct with this statement. To reserve the ROM you would need to use the linker -rt ( ROM Top address) command line option to set the max ROM address that can be used. Linker allocate memory from the bottom up, so this is the last memory it will try and use, even if -rt is not specified. There is no mechanism (at the moment) to allow this imformation to be passed from a source file through to linker. An alternative method might be to add: #pragma DATA 0xF00, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0
  4. When sourceboost compile with the file icd2.h included, it doesn't use the flash memory reserved for the specific processor (i.e. 16f913 form 0xf00 to 0xfff). Arrigo I'm not sure how this would work, can you explain? Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  5. Thanks! Are you planning to put this feature into the include file icd2.h? Arrigo
  6. Hi! In the file icd2.h it's reserved only the memory ram and so the compiler allocate my program also in the rom that is used by icd2. How can i modify the icd2.h to prevent this? Thanks, Arrigo
  7. Hi there! I have a little question. Is it possibile to compile only one file in a multi file project? Thanks Arrigo
  8. Hi there, I have a little problem finding how to initialize eeprom data on my 18F2520. Something like: #pragma DATA addr, data, data, data, data where addr is the start address and data is the correct initialization data. So my problem is quite simple: What is the right addr for my device? Or, more simply, where can i find doc about that address?
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