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  1. In the PluginAPI.h file (no version id in the file) the plgName function is declared as returning the type LPCTSTR (long pointer to const T string). As a convenience for porting, the placeholder "T" changes for ANSI, Multibyte, and Unicode builds according to preprocessor definitions. So, the recommended (and common) way to code plgName is this: PLUGIN_API LPCTSTR plgName( void ) { // called by gui thread - sim thread not running return TEXT("MySbPlugin"); // app.Name(); } Unfortunately, that results in the plugin name appearing as the single character "M". I assume this is
  2. How large is the buffer that is provided in the plgSave callback? I'd like to avoid blowing it out.
  3. Is the support for templates documented somewhere? I'm a long-time C++ developer and somewhat uninterested in going back to pure C; a strong addition to metaprogramming with templates being one of the reasons.
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