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  1. Novo headers will be included by default because we encourage to use it in all projects (well in almost all projects). There definitely are more technical reasons to use it rather than not. Regards, Pavel I agree with Sparky that you should NOT enable the Novo headers as an IDE default. You may wish to encourage its usage but you should not break my code or even require me to research why I suddenly have new unusual names in my name space. I have a large project that predates the appearance of Novo and so its (somewhat hidden) inclusion was highly surprising. At least it should announce its presence with a PRAGMA message ala the icd2.h and icd3.h files. But in general, the decision to impose on my application your choice of using an operating system is well outside the bounds of providing superb compilation tools. There are many complex design decisions that elucidate the choice of what features to include in an operating system based on the application contemplated, its design life, real time requirements, memory usage and the resources needed to be managed. These choices lead to many different operating system designs even with the ever decreasing constraints of these small computers. So, how can you be so sure that you've selected the correct design tradeoffs in a single OS? I don't want to imply that there is anything at all wrong with the Novo OS; but that it has a (relatively small) specific application space that does not come close to covering the same application space that the compilers cover and so should be options just as the various library functions (e.g. <string.h>, <memory.h>, <stdlib.h> are).
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