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  1. Here's a lecture I wrote yesterday, late night! Hope you like it, its general knowledge about numeric systems and their transformations. Hope it helps someone... Intro: "Our society uses numerical system based on number 10. There is a nutorious explanation why this system is used - it's simple, people have ten fingers, thus makes them easier to calculate numbers. If things were gone different, and something had messed up primordial soup -> developing Homo sapiens with eight fingers, it would be more likely we would use octal numeric system at present time. Infinite number of numeric
  2. made some template changes...would appreciate feedback! thnks
  3. yes its C tutorial for now (basics syntaxes) _________________ http://www.visualcmaniac.com
  4. thank you very much. this is the feedback stuff that makes me write
  5. I started wrting c lessons for absoulute begginers to advanced users, I think material can be considered quality, and my students learn programming with this stuff. If you wish feel free to start reading it here: http://www.visualcmaniac.com its only 5 lessons for now so maybe could be easier for you to start following it now in the beginning. Hope I helped..materials will be published on daily base. Enjoy now, or later when I reach more advanced topics...
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