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  1. Please check IDE user manual Appendix A: SourceBoost IDE Simulator features and limitations. Regards Dave Hi .. the problem with the plugins is ok i know i should buy a licence for the new plugins.. but what iretates me is the missing pic's..(those that will not compile) i can "fix" the problem as described by another here but i think i am not the only one to have that problem.. all the best from oz1lqb / claus
  2. Hi All.. i dont know if you have seen my letter in the bostbasic section.. if not please se the "problem with Adc on pic18" Gretings from denmark oz1lqb / Claus
  3. Hi Again.. thanks that fixed the problem with all the parts that did not compile. both the PIC16 & PIC18 parts.. still the problem with not simulating PIC18 Parts.. i dont know if the problem is that i am using my "old" plugins with picbasic ?. all the best oz1lqb / Claus
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Again.. yes i use the #pragrma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000.. i just removed "adcon0.2=0" still no change but with PIC16F452 it works in the real world but not ín the simulator that i can live with but what realy bothers me are the pic's that simply dont want to compile at all just spits out a long list of errors out.. Gretings from oz1lqb / Claus
  5. Hi There.. first i am sorry my english is not the best.. i am having trouble wit this simple program. with a pic 16f877a it works. with a pic18f452 it compiles but returns only zero (adc_read) if i import it to oshonsoft simulator IT WORKS (maybe a problem with the simulator ?) with pic18f4523 it will not compile (would be nice with the 12bit adc) will not compile with pic16f886 will not compile with pic16f887 here is the program. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' ' commandas are: ' adc_init() ' adc_read() ' ' '**************
  6. Hi There... have you got any idea about the price for the basic(already have boostc) ?... Claus
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