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Found 3 results

  1. i try to include a 2 dimensional arrays in function calls to have functions doing some modifications to arrays. a very simple example to initialize the array is: unsigned char MATRIX[15][16]; void Init (unsigned char *myMATRIX) { unsigned char x,y; for (x=0;x<15;x++) { for (y=0;y<16;y++) { myMATRIX[x][y] = x+y; } } } void main (void) { Init(MATRIX); } i would expect that a memory area of 240 bytes would be reserved for the array variable MATRIX, and when calling the Init function, the start address of this memory range would be given to t
  2. Hi, I use Boost C for PIC18 version 7.04 with a PIC18F67K22(128K FLASH, 4K SRAM). Question: 1. Is it possible to declare an array of integers with and index of over 256? e.g unsigned short Array[340]; 2. I used -idx 2 command in the build options, to increase the array index limit and I still get an error. Error: Array index size does not match linker '-idx' option. Expected:1 byte(s), while array index size of 2 byte(s) used in File: 'C:/Users/ Is there a way to use array index greater than 256? Thanks Bade
  3. Hi all Couldn't find a way to compute the size of a rom array. The sizeof operator worked fine with the array in RAM, but in rom, it returns the size of the pointer (2). I recon this is consistent with the sintax on the declaration for the rom array. But the point is that I couldn't find a way to get the the preprocessor to compute the size of the rom array. Is it not possible, or am I missing something? The code is the following // ***** DECLARATION **** // table with LED configurations for startup sequences rom char* init_led_seq_tbl = { // first sequence: le
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