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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I would like a new way to translate the IDE, currently I want to translate the IDE to Spanish, but I don't have the tools, I think there are another options to do it, in order to get a portable -languaje file-, easy to update for new versions. Thank you in advance. Regards, José.
  2. Please consider to add more information in the User Manual, Todo List, pag 12. I don't need it anymore, because i already have my own headache to findout how it wors, but may be others need it because user manual says almost nothing how to do it. In addition of what manual "says", please add an example "with a better english than mine" To do it, add a comment line in your code line where you want the reminder TODO was, like the example below: // TODO "Unfinished code" Now, when you compile your code, the todo window will show up: "TODO Unfinished code" You can have as m
  3. Just purchased the full version of the BoostC compiler. I was promptly email the key. I have run preg.exe to register the license and it reported back that both pic16 and pic18 were successful. When i attempt to run boostc_pic16.exe from the command line i am informed that I am using an unregistered license (see below). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost>boostc_pic16.exe BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 7.22 (for PIC16 architecture) http://
  4. I would love to see collapsible functions added to the sourceboostIDE is possible. It would make coding a lot nicer as you could then simply collapse the code you don't want to be concentrating on. Another nice feature would be the ability to drag the code around while it is collapsed, to allow a quick reorganization of the functions. Would this be something possible to do? For an example of collapsible functions you could look at programs such as codeblocks or notepad++. See the attached image for an example. There is also a bug when using a pickit3 and attempting to set it up in the
  5. Hi, just a quick idea - don't you think it would be good to have some place to discuss problems about SB IDE plugin development? Personally, I'm a newbie to the topic of creating such a special fragment of MFC application and the platform is quite specific so it is not easy to find solutions at stackoverflow forum or such. Thanks for at least considering it midin
  6. Hi guys, how come that if I change the clock rate in the SourceBoost IDE simulator and then run the code with some delay_ms() functions, the "ticks counter" in the bottom of the screen still gives me the same number? For example I've got delay_ms(40) and I still get cca 156k ticks after that no matter how big the clock rate is... could you give me a hint why is that so? Thanks so much, midin
  7. I recently upgraded sourceboost from 6.97 to 7.2 since I just upgraded to boostc++. Now I recieve the following message when starting the ide: Running the compiler from the command line works fine. Although I would like to use the IDE.
  8. I had previously installed sourceboost 6.97 and it worked fine. I recently downloaded sourceboost 7.20, since I upgraded my boostc++ license and now I get the error message: It is similar when using mplab: I have tried uninstalling and deleting all referances to sourceboost in the registry the reinstaling but now luck.
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