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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I use since ages Sourceboost with Linux and MPLAB IDE 8,90 under wine (OS UBUNTU). Recently I migrated to MPLABX (Linux version) using the free version of MPLABXC8 compiler. As I have good experiences with SourceBoost I'd would like to go ahead with this complier and purchase the newest version 7.43 and use it with MPLABX IDE under Linux. Did any body make it work? Kind regards Martin
  2. Is there any trick for float lib to work with mplab x? The code below compiles ok in sourceboost editor but not in mplabx. #include <system.h> #include <float.h> void main() { float f = float32_mul(2.5, 2.5); } Here is some errors when compiling this code in mplabx ide: Error: Unresolved external function:'__mul_32_32(unsigned long,unsigned long)' ... same error above repeated n times ! Error: Unresolved external symbol, function:__mul_32_32 ... same error above repeated n times ! make[2]: *** [dist/default/production/float.X.production.
  3. Hi, I am using boostC with MplabX for PIC18F67K22. I have tried to : 1. Use fixed address like " int x@0x100" . This has worked for me previously in Mplab. Do I need to include any libraries to make this work in MplabX? 2. When I add an interrupt service routine as instructed in the boosC manual " void interrupt ( ) " the compiler shows error on all code lines in the isr. it does not see it as an interrupt. Is there a particular way to declare this in the MplabX environment? 3. Even when I include the "string.h" directive, the string length function "strlen(string)" is not re
  4. The latest SourceBoost version (v7.05) doesn't support the PIC12F683 in MPLabX. I followed all the instructions in the MPLabX_Plugin.pdf. The PIC16x processors are supported but none of the PIC12 processors are. Looks like it needs a metadata change inside of com-sourceboost.jar which is buried inside of the SourceBoost config file for MPlab but I didn't want to go there. I'd be happy to beta test a fix for this...
  5. I installed sourceboost plugin for mplabx i create a sample project but mplabx don't find system.h in autocompletion and there's no options to include it the program compiles fine is only an annoyance
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