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Found 4 results

  1. Would be nice if in a future sourceboost version, if your team give to the watch window the ability to show struct members values as it happens with normal variables, instead of showing "error". Well.. i know we can see it through the memory bar, but when we have large apps with a lots of data structures with changing data between them, the debugging process, becomes painfull. It happens in all versions of © sourceboost as you can see by simulating the snipet below ty, br //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This is a small example
  2. When running the Button Test tutorial: http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=2399 I get following issue when running a simulation: I can only guess that any defined variable will cause the watch window to show ERROR because they are skipped by the simulator? Is this me being a noob (I am with this really) or is it a bug? I must say the more I use the simulator, the more I like the functionality. If developers of Flowcode decide to stay with boostC rather than move to a different compiler due to some missing functions e.g: cos, tan atan. Also change the way floats work
  3. Hi guys, In December I downloaded the installer (and purchased the licence) for the extra plugins pack for v7.05. Plugins appear to have installed without error, registered as expected, and most seem to function correctly. The Variable PSU simulator shows up at the bottom of the plugin list, but when I attempt to select it, nothing happens except for the following message in the Build pane of the Output window: Abort building... This happens every time I try to select Variable PSU, regardless of what project is loaded, or whether other plugins are already in use, or whether I'm in
  4. Hi, I'm trying to recompile a custom plug-in for the new v7, using the v7 template. Apparently this template is a VC++ 6 project, and contains non-standard C++, and this 13-year-old compiler is no longer readily available. Would it be possible for someone to update the plugin template project and code to a VC 2010 project? Or maybe wxWidgets, gcc and Code::Blocks? Thanks.
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