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18f1x20 Bootloader

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Has anyone written a bootloader for the 18F devices yet? I need one written in 'C' so i can modify it to better fit my needs.


I will need to add hex file decryption so a user cannot just do a firmware update, and record what data was passed to the device to get a copy of the new code.


Kinda pointless having code protection features enabled if there is no encryption / decryption in the bootloader !






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Bit late but have a look at:




It's for AVR's but it supports AES and PC1 encryption and these parts look fairly portable. It also has a PC app for flashing and encrypting the hex, which also has source available.


I think it could be added to an existing bootloader without too much bother. It's on my todo list but it's only just been added and the list is long !

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