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Meaningless Compiler Messages

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Compilation of undefined symbols generate meaningless messages.


The fragment of code that follows defines the SPEN bit of register RCSTA for a HW USART. Reusing this code for a new project, the PIC target was changed to PIC16F84, the initial default. So, both symbols (RCSTA and SPEN) become undefined.


Compiler flagged the error BUT with the following message:


BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 2.0.1 Beta (for PIC16 architecture)


zztest.c(2): error: missing semicolon


#include <system.h>
volatile bit ser_spen @ RCSTA.SPEN;  //<<== compiler points error here
void main()


Expected messages:

zztest.c(2): error: undefined symbol RCSTA

zztest.c(2): error: undefined symbol SPEN


BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 2.0.1 Beta (for PIC16 architecture)

Under Windows-XP Pro

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