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Looking For Free Program Software For Pic 18f2515

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Have you tried WinPic (http://people.freenet.de/dl4yhf/winpicpr.html), i'm sure it could be configured to program the 18F2515, and it works with the Tait programmer.




Hey thx for your reply.

I tried the program and i even configured so that it should be able to program the chip. Tho before i wanted to use it for my 18f2515 I tried testing the program with a 16f873a.

No luck verify errors and havnt found the solution for the problem yet.


Anyway if found another great software programmer so if one needs one give this a try ;)http://siscobf.webcindario.com/winpic800.htm

This works with the serial tait and lotsa 18f devices.

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