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Mplab Intergration, Watching Variables

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I have been playing with MPLab and my ICD2 and a 18F1320. I can't seem to get it to watch a variable...


I open the watch window and choose the variable from the drop down list, i then click add symbol. Then i refresh the window and i get "Reserved Memory".


I know that the variable is at 0x0000 in the memory as in the file registers window it appears with the symbol name as expected. And when i add the variable as a absolute address to the watch window that works.


I think this could be because the address of te variable is not being given, in the watch window the address cell for the variable is empty.


One other thing, when i hover over the variable in the code editor window, it gives me info on the wrong address, it gives the wrong address and then i assume the value for that address.


Does anyone else have these problems??? Is this fixable???




Thanks all


- Martyn

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I have not seen the problems that you're describing.


I have the ICD2 and use it with an 18F452 and an 18F4431. In both cases, I have good results. The only catch is that nothing in the watch window is updated while the program is running. You must be stopped at a breakpoint. I think it would update when you're in animate mode too.


I hope this helps a little.



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