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Terminal - Echo Characters

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the sourceboost terminal obviously echos characters typed locally. however, it seems that it also echos characters recieved from the other device, back to it?


as I always do, I made a simple test program to tinker with the UART... one that echos typed characters back to the terminal. however, with the sourceboost terminal, i press a key and it just keeps repeating, and I can see (via some status LEDs I added to the PIC) that the computer is in fact continuously transmitting to it; and if i press a different key, it starts repeating that one instead, so I know the PIC is not just stuck in a loop re-transmitting the same thing without input or anything like that. note that everything works fine in hyperterminal.


so... could you possibly look into that? and could you possibly add the option to NOT echo typed characters locally, like you have in hyperterminal? it's very convenient having a terminal program right in the IDE, but not if it doesn't work properly. thanks!

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