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C2c++ Internal Error

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When not implementing a Declared member function the compiler produces an internal error:


C2C++ 6.1.1e C/C++ compiler ....

(Extended version)




Message: Built-in variables are obsolete and mapped to PIC16F84 address space. Use variables defined inside the system header file

Internal error in ..\..\comp\gencsect.cpp line 3765 (6.1.1e)


-------------------------------------------- CODE

class Tim1 {


char style;

int mpg();



// Tim1::mpg() {

// return 2; // If I uncomment these 3 lines.. no problem.

// }


-------------------------------------------- CODE END

This issue makes it very hard to compile little by little. The classes need to be completely defined beforehand.





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The problem happends when one or more of the functions have not been implemented yet.

So stating "int mpg();" means you have to have "int Tim1::mpg()"


The following produces the internal error.


// Basic classes 
#include <system.h>

class Tim1
   char style;
   int mpg();

//int Tim1::mpg()
//    return 2;

   Tim1 t;
//    t.mpg();



With a simple example like this it is easy to find but when classes are large you are forced to track functions to make sure each one is implemented.




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