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Source Files In Mplab Project Not Found

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Bug description:

When including source files that are in sub directories with MPLAB, they are not found by the BoostC compiler. For example, I have a project that consist out of the following files:






When creating a project in MPLAB, and adding "main.c" and "mxlib/lcdchar.c" to my MPLAB project, BoostC does not find "mxlib/lcdchar.c" during compilation. It also shows that it is looking in the wrong folder. It reports the following error message:


FATAL: Unable to open input file: D:\prj\pic\lcd16s\lcdchar.c
Error: preprocessing erro


But, "lcdchar.c" is located in "D:\prj\pic\lcd16s\mxlib\lcdchar.c" and NOT "D:\prj\pic\lcd16s\lcdchar.c" as shown in the error message. When I look in the *.mcp MPLAB project file, I see that the path there is correct. I can also try and add -I compiler include options to direct the compiler to the file, but it still does not find it. Please help, seeing that we use namespaces with all our projects. Converting all our projects to a flat structure will be lots of work.



Is the problem 100% reproduceable:




IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: V6.14

Target device: PIC16f689

OS: Windows 2000

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