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Command Line Output Dir Error

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Bug description:

When the command line boostc.pic18.exe compiler is invoked from a location other than the location of the source file to compile, the resulting .obj file is placed in the location of the .c file and not in the (working)invoking directory. This is contrary to virtually all other compilers and makes out of source builds impossible


Steps to reproduce:

Do this from a directory containg a simple main.c file


mkdir build

cd build

boostc.pic18.exe -t PIC18F2455 ..\main.c


the resulting main.obj is placed in the parent directory and not inthe build directory


Expected behaviour:

Any output files from the command should be placed in the current working directory


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



IDE version: 6.15

Compiler: Compiler (BoostC, C2C-plus, C2C++ or P2C-plus)

Compiler version: Compiler version

Target device: PICXXXXX

OS: OS version



This was first found using a build system I have written that works correctly with VC6,VC7, openwatcom, gcc, sdcc and a couple of other compilers. Boost is the only one that exhibits this behavoir





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