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Incorrect Handling Of Include Path

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Bug description:

When using the command line compiler, it won't find the include file if the drive letter is included in the include option


Steps to reproduce:

include a header file which is not in the current directory. On the command line specify an include search directory that doesn't include the drive letter, but is pathed from root.



boostc.pic18.exe -t PIC18f2455 -I \projects\include main.c


this won't find an include file. However this line will


boostc.pic18.exe -t PIC18f2455 -Ic:\projects\include main.c



Expected behaviour:

specifying a path from root without the drive letter is valid and should go from the root of the current drive for the current workign directory


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



IDE version: boostc.pic18.exe V 6.15

Compiler: Compiler (BoostC, C2C-plus, C2C++ or P2C-plus)

Compiler version: Compiler version

Target device: PICXXXXX

OS: OS version



At work, using vc6 and vc7, we use different drive letters to distinguish between development, testing and release versions of code. We only use paths that do not include a drive letter. Although I use Boostc at home, I have my own build environment and would prefer not having to include drive letters





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