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After setting up the Sourceboost toolsuite in Mplab v 7.22, the following output is diplayed in Mplab and the build fails when trying to build a small project.


Any help would be appreciated.






Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files.

Clean: Done.

Executing: "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostlink.pic.exe" f84led.c -O1 -W1 -t 16F84

BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.15


Copyright© 2004-2005 Pavel Baranov

Copyright© 2004-2005 David Hobday


Single user Lite License (Unregistered) for 0 node(s)

Limitations: PIC12/PIC16 max code size:2048 words, max RAM banks:2, Non commercial use only

Limitations: PIC18 max code size:8192 bytes, max RAM banks:2, Non commercial use only


Optimisation level:1

Unrecognised switch:W1


Useage: linker.exe [options] files


-t name target processor

-On optimization level 0-1 (default n=1)

n=0 - no optimization

n=1 - pattern matching and bank switching optimization on

-v verbose mode

-d path directory for project output

-p name project (output) name for multiple .obj file linking

-ld path directory for library search

-rb address ROM bottom address to use

-rt address ROM top address to use


Switches for making libraries:

-lib make library file from supplied .obj and .lib files

-p name project (library output file) name





BUILD FAILED: Fri Oct 28 10:18:01 2005

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