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Has anyone looked at porting the Microchip TCP/IP stack to BoostC ? I have a ENC28J60 Ethernet board from www.edtp.com that I want to get up and running at some point, and any hints or patches much appreciated.


I have not ported the stack to BoostC however I have had a look at it. I have ported a couple of applications to the ENC28J60, an Ethernet bootloader written in assembler and a 'C' application program using a different C compiler. I did not use Microchip's stack as I ported an existing stack of my own however I did port the MAC driver; the ENC28J60.C


The port was relatively straight forward the two main challenges being how register byte/bit structures are defined in the MCP stack, specifically how they have unused bits allocated to unnamed labels. It was relatively straight forward to assign dummy names to these bits. Actually I cheated and commented out a whole range of structure definitions that were handled far more efficiently with a few #defines.


The constant definitions for MAC/IP/TCP/UDP could have been handled better by defining a common network module instead of scattering the definitions across multiple files.


My application acts like a protocol translater convering a 2Mbps continuous data stream to UDP packets. The ENC28J60 has the ability to calculate the checksum over a packet much more efficiently than doing it in software - this was a feature I needed to push the performance envelope however the stack is not written in such a way as to be able to use this effectively. For that matter the ENC implementation of this capability does not appear to take into account how a protocol stack could efficently utilise this function.


The ENC28J60 is VERY power hungry consuming 200mA in a circuit where a Realtek consumes 10mA. The EDTP board does not include the 3.3v power regulator so you will need to address this.

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