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Bug In P16c84.h And Pic16c84.h

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Bug description:

In the target-specific include-files for the PIC16C84 (the files p16c84.h and pic16c84.h in /SourceBoost/include) that come along with the SourceBoost 6.15 distribution the configuration bit for the power-on timer enable is not specified correctly. The files read:


#define _PWRTE_ON 0x3FFF

#define _PWRTE_OFF 0x3FF7


The correct specification is:


#define _PWRTE_ON 0x3FF7

#define _PWRTE_OFF 0x3FFF


This is an issue only with PIC16C84 devices, since the PWRTE bit is inverse to the PIC18F84.


Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears when compiling to PIC16C84 target (however not PIC16F84)

Look in the PIC16C84 manual on the Microchip webpage.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable: yes


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 6.15

Compiler: Compiler BoostC

Compiler version: Compiler version

Target device: PIC16C84

OS: Windows XP

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