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Ez Controller

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I have tried at least a dozen combinations of assemblers, C compilers, PICs and PIC starters. I have a box full of them.


None can compare to the ez controller/ ez download/ BoostC combination.


I write code, click a few buttons and things happen just as expected. Expected by an expert perhaps (somtimes I am completely baffled).

That is where the BoostC forum and it's pile of expert, helpful and prompt advice comes in.

All of my questions have been quickly answered even if it means I have to go back and suffer over my code again.


The ez provides me with lots of Analog & Digital I/O, UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, RAM & ROM.

I sweated for the last year making a project and in the end it used up less than 12% of the chips memory in RAM & and 7% in ROM. The ez downloader works even while my ez controller is still running.


Many thanks to another Richard, Pavel & Dave. :huh:

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