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What Order Are Integer Bytes Stored?

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What order are 2 and 4 byte integers stored in a PIC16?



Compile the following code and run the debugger, add the variable "var"

to the watchwindow, then you will see it's "little endian".


#include <system.h>

     unsigned long four;
     unsigned short two[2];
     unsigned char one[4];

unsigned char array[]={0x11,0x22,0x33,0x44};

unsigned long result;

int main(void)
 test.four = 0x44332211;
 result = test.four;
 result = test.two[0];
 result = test.one[0];

 result = *((unsigned long *)test.one);
 result = *((unsigned short *)test.one);
 result = *((unsigned char *)test.one);

 result = *((unsigned long *)array);
 result = *((unsigned short *)array);
 result = *((unsigned char *)array);



p.s.: I am not sure if this is always the case, maybe Dave or Pavel can acknowledge

this? Is it safe to use a union this way in BoostC?


Grtz, Teuniz

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