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Trial Version--how Long Should A Compile Take?

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I downloaded the trial software and tried to compile the examples that came with it.


The file LCD.C wouldn't run at all because it was too big for the trial version's capability.


The file IC2_Test.c compiled, but it took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to produce the word "Successful" on the screen. In fact I stopped the program a couple of times because I thought it had hung up, before I finally realized it was actually still alive. I've tried this on 2 different computers and they were about the same, so I'm fairly confident that it wasn't some kind of defect in one machine. That IC2_Test program is only 171 lines, including comments!


Some people may be really good programmers and only need to compile once, so they wouldn't worry much about compile time, but I'm not in that class and this would be a deal-breaker for me.

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What is your computer configuration? If your CPU is too slow or your don't have muchRAM the compilation will be slow. As an example on my computer compilation of the lcd sample takes about 13 sec (I have 1G RAM and AMD Athlon 64 CPU 3200+).




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OK, a delay as I don't have full-time access to both the computers I used.


The first one, which I didn't mention in detail, is an HP Pavilion with 64MB of RAM, about 6 years old and still running Windows 98. The IC_Test program took 2 minutes and 45 seconds on this machine. I thought well, maybe this is what I ought to expect with this relatively old machine, so I tried again with the other computer. It's a no-name model with Win2000 Pro and 425MB of RAM (but only 111KB "available") and I just can't find out what the processor speed is. "X86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 0" if that helps. Again not a new machine, but nobody's complaining about it. Anyway, the compiler was faster but not much faster, about 2 min 30 sec. And the source code is less than 200 lines!


You'll say I seem to own an antique computer museum, but I have yet a third computer, an old laptop that still has Win95. The only thing I use it for is programming PIC processors; I have the CCS compiler and I mostly work with the PIC16F877a. My setup can compile over 1000 lines of code in about 5 seconds--quick enough that I don't particularly notice the time it takes.


I'm sure your compiler takes some time because it's doing lots of smart stuff, but I'm just not used to thinking about how long software takes to run.

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