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Char Treated As Unsigned

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	char c;

c = -1;
options = 0;

if (c < 0)
         options = 1;

Does not set options to 1 due to incorrect compile of 'if' statement as it seems to consider 'c' as unsigned.


Code generated by 'if' is

    MOVLW 0x00
   SUBWF main_1_c, W
   GOTO	label268437195

should be

	MOVF _c, W
SUBLW 0x00
BTFSC _status,C
GOTO	label268437195

or better still

	BTFSS _c, 0x80
GOTO	label268437195




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That all being well, except ANSI specs say char is signed, and unsigned char is unsigned.


It does cause confusing, and i think it should be changed in the future (with a warning so it does not break peoples code).



Same with other types etc...

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But the BoostC Compiler Help claims


Data types



1 bit bit, bool

8 bits char,unsigned char,signed char

16 bits short,unsigned short,signed short

16 bits int,unsigned int,signed int

32 bits long,unsigned long,signed long


plus compiler is ANSI C so it should support char as signed char


If char is not supported as signed it should be in the compiler help as a caveat.



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