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Boostbasic Divide Problem

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can anybody help me in the following code: (I want to divide an integer by a constant or variable byte and want to store the result in an integer)



the code that I am using is:




Dim tem_int as integer


sub main()


temp_int = 5000


temp_int = (10 * temp_int) / 60



Do while 1



end sub






I am getting an error on compilation as:




Error: Unresolved external function:'__div_16_16(signed short,signed short)'

Error: Unresolved external symbol, function:__div_16_16

Exit code was -2.

Removing target: interrupt.pic16.hex

Failed to locate output file 'interrupt.pic16.hex'






I have further tested that the divide function works correctly by using bytes like:


integer = byte / byte (dividing byte by byte is only possible)


is there anything that can be done to correct my problem?


and one more thing - How to write the assembly routines in boostbasic

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