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Addressing For Port Bits

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:o Hello new to this forum but I am looking at issues with addresssing ports I have looked at the sample programs for C and picclite and put together something i though was compatible but I have downloaded picclite v9.50 and the hitide and mplab freeware and even went so far as to get a version of boost c compiler but issue seems to center around this section of code when building the compilers seem to have trouble with the word bit and also produce errors such as missing fixed address missing semicolon target is 16f627 and does boost C recoginize the c program time function delay?

#define PORTBIT(adr, bit) ((unsigned) (&adr)*8+(bit));


static bit papin1 @ PORTBIT(PORTA, 0);

static bit papin2 @ PORTBIT(PORTA, 1);

static bit papin3 @ PORTBIT(PORTA, 2);

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