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Inefficient Ram Usage.

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SourceBoost 6.31, BoostC, Windows XP


#include <system.h>

void main(void)
 char* string;


Asm output:


0003  3030 MOVLW 0x30

0004  1283 BCF STATUS, RP0

0005  1303 BCF STATUS, RP1

0006  00A0 MOVWF CompTempVar52

0007  3031 MOVLW 0x31

0008  00A1 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'1'

0009  3032 MOVLW 0x32

000A  00A2 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'2'

000B  3033 MOVLW 0x33

000C  00A3 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'3'

000D  3034 MOVLW 0x34

000E  00A4 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'4'

000F  3035 MOVLW 0x35

0010  00A5 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'5'

0011  3036 MOVLW 0x36

0012  00A6 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'6'

0013  3037 MOVLW 0x37

0014  00A7 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'7'

0015  3038 MOVLW 0x38

0016  00A8 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'8'

0017  3039 MOVLW 0x39

0018  00A9 MOVWF CompTempVar52+D'9'

0019  01AA CLRF CompTempVar52+D'10'

001A  3000 MOVLW HIGH(CompTempVar52+D'0')

001B  00C2 MOVWF main_1_string+D'1'

001C  3020 MOVLW LOW(CompTempVar52+D'0')

001D  00C1 MOVWF main_1_string



001E  3061 MOVLW 0x61

001F  00AB MOVWF CompTempVar53

0020  3062 MOVLW 0x62

0021  00AC MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'1'

0022  3063 MOVLW 0x63

0023  00AD MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'2'

0024  3064 MOVLW 0x64

0025  00AE MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'3'

0026  3065 MOVLW 0x65

0027  00AF MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'4'

0028  3066 MOVLW 0x66

0029  00B0 MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'5'

002A  3067 MOVLW 0x67

002B  00B1 MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'6'

002C  3068 MOVLW 0x68

002D  00B2 MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'7'

002E  3069 MOVLW 0x69

002F  00B3 MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'8'

0030  306A MOVLW 0x6A

0031  00B4 MOVWF CompTempVar53+D'9'

0032  01B5 CLRF CompTempVar53+D'10'

0033  3000 MOVLW HIGH(CompTempVar53+D'0')

0034  00C2 MOVWF main_1_string+D'1'

0035  302B MOVLW LOW(CompTempVar53+D'0')

0036  00C1 MOVWF main_1_string



0037  306B MOVLW 0x6B

0038  00B6 MOVWF CompTempVar54

0039  306C MOVLW 0x6C

003A  00B7 MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'1'

003B  306D MOVLW 0x6D

003C  00B8 MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'2'

003D  306E MOVLW 0x6E

003E  00B9 MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'3'

003F  306F MOVLW 0x6F

0040  00BA MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'4'

0041  3070 MOVLW 0x70

0042  00BB MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'5'

0043  3071 MOVLW 0x71

0044  00BC MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'6'

0045  3072 MOVLW 0x72

0046  00BD MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'7'

0047  3073 MOVLW 0x73

0048  00BE MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'8'

0049  3074 MOVLW 0x74

004A  00BF MOVWF CompTempVar54+D'9'

004B  01C0 CLRF CompTempVar54+D'10'

004C  3000 MOVLW HIGH(CompTempVar54+D'0')

004D  00C2 MOVWF main_1_string+D'1'

004E  3036 MOVLW LOW(CompTempVar54+D'0')

004F  00C1 MOVWF main_1_string


Memory Usage Report


RAM available:256 bytes, used:35 bytes (13.7%), free:221 bytes (86.3%),

Heap size:221 bytes, Heap max single alloc:95 bytes

ROM available:4096 words, used:84 words (2.1%), free:4012 words (97.9%)


Why different temporary strings (CompTempVar52, CompTempVar53, CompTempVar54) for the same string variable?

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... Why different temporary strings (CompTempVar52, CompTempVar53, CompTempVar54) for the same string variable?


For each expression like 'str = "abc"' compiler creates a temporary char array where it stores the value of the string from the right side of such expression. Than it assignes address of this array to the pointer from the left side of the expression. These temporary strings have the lifetime till the end of the current scope. That's why for such string from your sample a new temp variable is used.




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