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Bug? Accessing Array Of Structure By Pointer

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When an array of structures is accessed by pointer (see below), compilation fails if the size of structure is > 4 bytes (32 bits).


#include <system.h>
typedef struct BigStruct {
 int x;
 int y;
// the next code line causes a compilation failure if 
// the commenting is removed
//  long z;
} t_BigStruct;

#define ELEMS 10
t_BigStruct MyStruct[ELEMS];

void main ()
 t_BigStruct * pSt=MyStruct;
 int i;
 for(i=0;i<ELEMS;i++) {
// next code line will generate a compilation error if
// long z; is uncommented in the typedef above,
// is it because the structure size is now larger 
// than 32bits?


Compiler output and error message follows

Executing: "I:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostc.pic18.exe" stsizeerror.c -O1  -W1  -t 18F4680
BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.32 (for PIC18 architecture)
Copyright© 2004-2006 Pavel Baranov
Copyright© 2004-2006 David Hobday
Licensed to me under Single user Full License for 1 node(s)
Limitations: PIC18 max code size:Unlimited, max RAM banks:Unlimited, Non commercial use only
I:\Documents and Settings\Darkroom\My Documents\Projects\Microchip\stsizeerror.c(24:2): error: failed to generate expression
BUILD FAILED: Thu Mar 09 17:28:43 2006

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