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Make A Asm File On 12f629

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hi to all I am a beginner ..so plz who can tell me where I can start ..i have a string like 3030006E166D this string I want to have a 115k bautrate ...i had make some asm.file to make a LED flash. but now I want to learn how to make a program with output as strings ..plz mail me any help will be great...sorry for mine bad english

regards Lowina.

msn : lowina2006@hotmail.com

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Dear Lowina,



Please make the following points clear so that I can help you out:


1. Whcih comipler do you want to use? I mean boostbasic, boostC, P2C or C2C?


2. What exactly do you want to impliment? Is it that you want to make an rs232 transmitter and reciever using PIC?


If you are just the biggner in PIC programming, then I may advice you to use sourceboost as your developing environment.

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