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Compiler Does Not Generate Function Return Code

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Compiler does not generate function return code;


Compiler version: Version 6.35

Target device: PIC16FXXX


Here is the small code,



void spi_write( char b )


unsigned char LOOPC;



MOVLW 0x08;



BCF _status, C;

RLF _b, 1;

BTFSC _status, C;

goto L1;

BCF _portb,0;

goto L2;


BSF _portb,0;


BSF _portb,1;

BCF _portb,1;


goto L0;




void main()


spi_write( 0xff );





Compiler generates


void spi_write( char b )



unsigned char LOOPC;



0003 3008 MOVLW 0x08

0004 008D MOVWF spi_write_00000_1_LOOPC

0005 label268436453

0005 1003 BCF gbl_status,0

0006 0D8C RLF spi_write_00000_arg_b, F

0007 1803 BTFSC gbl_status,0

0008 280B GOTO label268436454

0009 1006 BCF gbl_portb,0

000A 280C GOTO label268436455

000B label268436454

000B 1406 BSF gbl_portb,0

000C label268436455

000C 1486 BSF gbl_portb,1

000D 1086 BCF gbl_portb,1

000E 0B8D DECFSZ spi_write_00000_1_LOOPC, F

000F 2805 GOTO label268436453


!!!!!!!! NO RETURN OP HERE !!!!!!!



void main()



0010 30FF MOVLW 0xFF

0011 1283 BCF STATUS, RP0

0012 008C MOVWF spi_write_00000_arg_b

0013 2003 CALL spi_write_00000


0014 0008 RETURN



Best regards


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