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Array Address Math Broken In Subroutine

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Bug description:

When array address math used inside a function using a function parameter, the compiler generates code that uses an uninitialized variable.


This small program:


#include <system.h>

void Junky(char *s)

void FunTime(char *s)
   Junky(&s[1]);  // Generates bad code

void main()
   char s[10];
   s[0] = '-';
   FunTime(&s[1]);  // Generates good code



produces the following code that adds the uninitialized CompTempVar53 to the address of s instead of 1 in the function FunTime at address 8. Here is the output of BoostC.


;// Code Generator: BoostC Compiler - http://www.sourceboost.com
;// Version       : 6.35
;// License Type  : Full License
;// Limitations   : PIC12,PIC16 max code size:Unlimited, max RAM banks:Unlimited, Non commercial use only

ORG 0x00000003
0003  281A 	 GOTO	_startup
ORG 0x00000006
0006        Junky_00000
; { Junky; function begin
0006  0008 	 RETURN
; } Junky function end

ORG 0x00000007
0007        FunTime_00000
; { FunTime; function begin
0007  082A 	 MOVF FunTime_00000_arg_s, W
0008  072E 	 ADDWF CompTempVar53, W
0009  00AC 	 MOVWF Junky_00000_arg_s
000A  082B 	 MOVF FunTime_00000_arg_s+D'1', W
000B  00AD 	 MOVWF Junky_00000_arg_s+D'1'
000C  1803 	 BTFSC STATUS,C
000D  0AAD 	 INCF Junky_00000_arg_s+D'1', F
000E  2006 	 CALL Junky_00000
000F  0008 	 RETURN
; } FunTime function end

ORG 0x00000010
0010        main
; { main; function begin
0010  302D 	 MOVLW 0x2D
0011  1283 	 BCF STATUS, RP0
0012  1303 	 BCF STATUS, RP1
0013  00A0 	 MOVWF main_1_s
0014  3000 	 MOVLW HIGH(main_1_s+D'1')
0015  00AB 	 MOVWF FunTime_00000_arg_s+D'1'
0016  3021 	 MOVLW LOW(main_1_s+D'1')
0017  00AA 	 MOVWF FunTime_00000_arg_s
0018  2007 	 CALL FunTime_00000
0019        label268436513
0019  2819 	 GOTO	label268436513
; } main function end

ORG 0x0000001A
001A        _startup
001A  118A 	 BCF PCLATH,3
001B  120A 	 BCF PCLATH,4
001C  2810 	 GOTO	main


Steps to reproduce:

Using a 16F873 target for this case but also fails for 16F876A. Just need to do the same in any subroutine but must use a call paramter of the subroutine to get it to fail.


Expected behaviour:

Should use s+1 insead of s+random_value in the FunTime subroutine.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



IDE version: 6.35

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 6.35

Target device: PIC16F873

OS: WinXp



I was able to work around the problem by changing:







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