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who can tell me, why the following code for 16F876A does not work?


// Test programm for simple output via USART (polling)
#include <system.h>


// #include "my_rs232_driver.h"
// #include <rs232_driver.h>

#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 8000000

//Writes Character to Serial Port
void OutTx(unsigned char cByte)
 while(!pir1.TXIF) 	 // pie1.TXIE Wait for interrupts to finish last message
 txreg = cByte;  

void main(void)
 char cLoop = 0;
 adcon1 = 0x06; 	// set all pins as digital inputs
 trisc  = 0x80; 	// Rx In
 portc  = 0x00;
 spbrg  = 51; 		// 2400 Baud @ 8 MHz
 txsta.BRGH = 0;
 txsta.SYNC = 0;
 rcsta.SPEN = 1; 	// Serial Port Enable ... RC6 for Tx and RC7 for RX 
 pie1.TXIE  = 0; 	 // Polling ... No Interrupt Enable 
 txsta.TXEN = 1;	 // Transmission Enable

   // putc(cLoop);






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From the PIC16F87X datasheet:


Flag bit TXIF is set when enable bit TXEN

is set. TXIF is cleared by loading TXREG.


You are correct. I am an idiot.


I did take a closer look at the sample code and run it on a real part.


The _CONFIG is not setup so the defaults caused my 16F876A to run with the watchdog enabled and the oscillator mode set to RC.






Fixed these issue and the code runs as expected.

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