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Bug: Typedef Types And Identifier Problems?

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Bug description:

Compiler reports errors with some operations when you typedef a type, ie:

typedef unsigned char byte;

and you also have an identifies which starts with all characters of that typedef, ie:

byte byte_data;


Steps to reproduce:

Please see the CODE box. As it stands the compiler will generate erros. If you then delete the 'b' of 'byte' from #define STORAGE_B byte, a different error occurs. If you then delete the 'w' of 'word' from #define STORAGE_W word , the code will compile and link WITHOUT ERRORS! Your comments please.

Is it an compiler problem withs resolving the identifiers from the symbol table? The typedefs are substrings (first part == prefix) of the other declarations - storage and functions.


// BoostC Compiler options -v -W2 -Oa -Su -t PIC18F4550
#include <system.h>
// As is generates an "error: missing semicolon" and an
// "error: failure" for line byte_to_send--; 
// in function byte_byte
// If the 'b' of 'byte' is deleted in the line
//   #define STORAGE_B byte
// a different error is generated.
// If the 'w' of 'word' is deleted in the line
//   #define STORAGE_W word
// this program will compile WITHOUT ANY ERRORS !!!!
// Is there an internal problem within the compiler when
// a symbol lookup is performed? ie. what happens
// with:
// byte
// byte_byte
// byte_to_send
// i think 'byte' may be returned first???

#define STORAGE_B       byte
#define STORAGE_W       word
typedef unsigned char   STORAGE_B;           // 8-bit
typedef unsigned int    STORAGE_W;           // 16-bit
STORAGE_B len=64;
void byte_byte(void);
void word_byte(void);
void byte_byte()
   STORAGE_B byte_to_send=len;
void word_byte()
   STORAGE_W byte_to_send=len;
void main()
// END

Expected behaviour:

I would expect the example code to compile without error.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

Errors and subsequent errors from fixing one problem occur in other places or reveal further warnings and error - this was found as I converted Microchip's USB firmware to compile with BoostC.


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 6.35

Compiler: BoostC Compiler

Compiler version: 6.35

Target device: PIC18F4550

OS: : XP Pro SP2



I think I found that changing the byte_to_send-- to a --byte_to_send may produce a different error or no error at all??



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