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Function Calls With Arguements Of Two Functions

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Bug description:

If a fucntion is called with arguements of two or more other functions that return a value, the same value is used for all parameters.


Steps to reproduce:

unsigned char MyFunctionOne()
    return 2;

unsigned char MyFunctionTwo()
    return 17;

void TwoParameterFunction(unsigned char one, unsigned char two)
   ....... any code

void main()

   TwoParameterFunction(MyFunctionOne(), MyFunctionTwo());
   //instead of TwoParameterFunction(2,17); what happens is 

  //the fix
  usigned char tmp;

  tmp = MyFunctionTwo();
  TwoparameterFunction(MyFunctionOne(), tmp);



Expected behaviour:

Should be able to call a function with arguements that are the result of two other functions.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

Happens all the time.


IDE version: 6.15

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 6.15? (Not sure how to tell)

Target device: PIC16F628

OS: Windows XP



I think that the problem is that the compiler puts the result of a function call in the working register (w). There doesn't seem to be logic to store one of the values to a temporary register. From the assembly code, it looks like all return values are put in w.


Also, this code results in a bug too.


MyArray[MyFunctionOne()] = TwoParameterFunction(MyFunctionOne(), MyFunctionTwo());

//is the same as
//MyArray[2] = TwoParameterFunction(2, 2);

MyArray[MyFunctionOne()] = OneParameterFunction(MyFunctionOne());

//is the same as
//MyArray[2] = TwoParameterFunction(2);

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