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Ignoring .pat Scripts In V6.35

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Bug description:

I'm trying to create as script to optimise a CALL followed by immediate RETURN with a GOTO instead. Eg:


CALL i2c_delay_0000



should become


GOTO i2c_delay_0000


Steps to reproduce:


Create a file named 'picgoto.pat' and placed it under C:\Program Files\Sourceboost\Scripts. Below are the file contents:


// Author: R.Yeardley
Name: "RYgoto"
Debug: on

00.    call %v0%
01.    return

change 00 "\tgoto %v0%"
delete 01


As you can see Debug is turned on but a) it doesn't optimise the generated ASM file and B) there's no sign of it showing up in the output window.


Expected behaviour:

'RYgoto' should show up in the compiler output and the resultant assembly should be modified.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



IDE version: 6.35

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 6.35

Target device: PIC16F628

OS: Windows 2000 SP4

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This is not a bug.

The patch scripts only apply to the C2C-plus (older generation) compiler, not the BoostC compiler.




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